Supporting Charities with Coupons: A Budget-Friendly Approach

Supporting Charities with Coupons: A Budget-Friendly Approach

Coupons don’t only offer discounts It can also be an opportunity to provide back to charitable organizations. Many coupon companies are giving coupon codes to donate a percentage of the purchase price to a particular charity.

The donation type allows customers to select which charities they’d like their cash for at the point of purchase. This can help them learn more about different causes and prompt discussions on cause prioritization and effectiveness.

Coupons for donation

After purchasing coupon codes at a discounted price the option is to donate a percentage of the amount they spent to charity. This offers a powerful incentive for coupon users to give back the money. Families struggling to survive frequently rely on food stamps and the government’s subsidies. But those who are proficient in the art of extreme couponing are able to purchase basics household needs at a fraction of the cost.

Inspiring by the extreme couponers she saw on TV, Tufts University junior Christina Steinberg began to collect food, toiletries and school supplies for families in the area. Christina kept tabs on newspaper inserts and promotions with a spreadsheet. She also created an organization called 501c3 in order to aid her cause.

Group coupon sites offer a convenient way for consumers to raise money to support a cause, without realizing it. As an example, Goodshop donates a portion of the referral fee that customers receive when they use coupons at any of its partner merchants to the cause they choose.

Save Money While Giving

Coupons are more valuable than customers. It also makes an impact in charitable giving. A number of coupon providers are working with charities to aid Blog Giam Gia local communities. These alliances benefit both the charity and the coupon services.

For example, Groupon runs a deal-a-day site that donates to charities when a coupon is purchased. The company gives anywhere from 20 to 40 percent on the cost of every coupon it sells to a favored charity.

Some leaders in the field of nonprofits believe that using coupons for causes can aid charities by raising visibility and getting new donors. However, they warn customers to be aware of the fine print.

Steinberg juggles her time-intensive couponing along with her classes at Tufts and claims that her work has made an enormous difference in families with single mothers who are in dire need at a shelters in the area. Her advice to anyone looking to join the ranks of the best couponers: Keep your eye on the prize, as well as remember the reason you’re doing this.

Philanthropic Couponing

Using coupons to promote charity can be an effective tool to raise funds for your non-profit organization. Third party coupon websites or develop your own social good coupon campaign.

Like, Groupon offers deals on local products and services, which enable users to donate a portion of their purchase for a charity of their choice. Find out more information about this kind of event through their website.

Take note of what goods and services you need to offer your customers to ensure that you’re using coupons effectively. As an example, a local shelter for homeless people might wish to purchase sanitation products such as soap or shampoo.

If you’re not checking out your local retailers’ sales and coupon offers to get expensive goods for pennies on the dollar. As an example, some retailers offer Buy One Get One Free promotions and combining them with a coupon can reduce the cost by just $0.01. It is also possible to find some current need lists using online resources like Guidestar and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance and Guidestar.

Supporting Charities on a Budget

Coupons and e-commerce platforms which support charitable causes aid in increasing brand loyalty and the satisfaction of customers. These platforms can encourage customers to donate beyond cash donations through giving them the choice to purchase an extra payment at checkout.

In selecting a couponing provider for their partnership, non-profit organizations should vet the company carefully. They should consult tools like Charity Watch, Consumer Reports and BBB Wise Giving Alliance in order to learn more about the company’s background and how it supports charities.

Jan Sondys, a senior IT manager for Walbridge, Ohio-based General Motors Corp, spends up to 3 hours each day, clipping coupons and purchasing things in bulk during her lunch break. She’s been able to accumulate enough hygiene items, school supplies and cleaning products for the needs of two local shelters each year. She even organizes a group of colleagues to contribute to donate items that are needed for the shelter. It’s part and parcel of a wider giving strategy she follows that includes donations to charities within her budget for the month.